Your Favorite Color & Your Chakras

What is your favorite color?

Do you know how to use color to understand or strengthen the energy centers aka chakras in your body?

These chakras travel from the base of your spine to a few inches above your head. Your favorite color likely represents your strongest chakra and personal qualities. When all the chakras are balanced, you feel well overall. When one is out of whack, you face particular challenges.

See below to learn more about your color & chakra, as well as how to use color to help you overcome any current challenges you may be facing.

Red – Survivalist
1st Chakra

Red is the Root Chakra color.  Its frequencies are like the earth roots of a tree that ground you. Families, organizations and security are based on red and earth color frequencies.  How people feel about you and what they expect from you matters very much; possibly too much.  You are often run by your emotions.

Feel like you are drifting or shaky? Balance by wearing red to give you strong foundation or strengthen your roots.

Orange – Creative & Sexual Energy
2nd Chakra

Orange is the color of strong sexual power, creative ideas and projects.
You are calm in the face of turmoil.  You put your concerns in the hands of spirit rather then pushing the envelope yourself.

Feel like you are running out of new ideas? Balance by wearing orange for a boost in creative juices and sexual empowerment.

Yellow – Personal Empowerment
3rd Chakra

This chakra color is related to your personal self-image, self-esteem and personal empowerment.

Feel like you are not in control of your life? Balance by wearing  yellow to fight this feeling and overcome it with your sense of  inner strength.

Green – Unconditional Love
4th Chakra

Green is the heart chakra color, representing unconditional love.  Love, tolerance and compassion resonate within you.

Feel as if you are beating yourself up? Release negative feeling and old pain by wearing green to strengthen inner love, and therefore your ability to love others, too.

Blue – Communication & Speaker of Truth
5th Chakra 

You are strong and confident public speaker and likely use  your whole body when you communicate.

Feel like you have lost your voice? Wear blue when you feel you have lost your voice,  authority, or feel like no one is listening.

Purple – Wisdom & Sixth Sense
6th Chakra

You are unaffected by your emotions and are known for your intuitive  wisdom to see the issue at hand.   You are naturally a person of non-attached clairvoyance.

Feel you are over-analyzing too much?  Balance and wear purple to recapture your wise  non-attachment to make decisions that you know are right despite popular opinion.

Violet (Sometimes White) – Spiritual or Enlightened
7th Chakra 

You are in in love with life, the Universe and have great faith.

Need to connect more to your spirituality in life?  Balance and wear white or purple to make a clean slate, and recapture and purify your self after a disillusioning day.

With this information, notice how the color(s) your attracted to change from day to day, at certain ages and life events. Using color and your chakras is a great way to stay balanced overall.


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  • Jammie Trigg says:

    I wish this could be implemented into the school systems.
    A child entering school would simply pick their favorite color.
    Each color will have a precise curriculum based on the chakra the color represents. So simple.

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