Raw Chocolate 101

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up your sweet tooth. You just have to refine it with better choices.

I’m a big chocolate lover and treat myself to a small piece of chocolate everyday. I always choose raw chocolate because it is so much healthier than the processed roasted chocolate in brand name chocolate bars and candies.

Why is Raw Chocolate Healthier?

#1 Roasted chocolate is usually cooked above 266 Fahrenheit thereby destroying the natural enzymes and nutrients in the chocolate. Raw chocolate maintains its healthy enzymes and nutrients because it is cooked under 118 degrees. This is necessary to get the antioxidant benefits of chocolate, as well as its boost to your mood, heart and digestion.

#2 Raw chocolate is low glycemic, low in sugar. Traditional roasted chocolate is high glycemic with highly refined sugars added to it.

#3 Raw chocolate is vegan, as well as free of soy, dairy and gluten. Traditional roasted chocolate has added dairy and may contain gluten.

#4 Roasted chocolate is highly processed and often includes artificial preservatives, carcinogenic food coloring, cheap emulsifiers and other fillers. Raw chocolate does not.

Even if you are buying raw chocolate, it’s important to read the ingredient labels. Make sure to buy organic and note the extra ingredients. Some raw chocolate bars add healing goji or maca. Others may add extra sugar you don’t want. Get picky! Make sure you are feeding your body well.

I am a big fan of the Righteously Raw chocolate maca bars. They taste a bit more bitter. If you like your chocolate sweeter, try the Vita raw chocolates. Both offer many yummy flavors and are actually good for you!



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