5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Toxin Intake

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Reduce Your Toxic Intake

While sweating in yoga class and other activities can help us release some toxins in the body. The best way to avoid any of their future disease-related danger is to reduce our intake of them.

“There are over 82,000 synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat, the toys our children touch, the products we use to clean our homes, the air we breathe, and the cosmetics we apply to our skin—and only a fraction have ever been tested for safety,” according to environmentalist Ed Brown.

This awareness should push us to seek ways to avoid these toxins. For the past few years, I have been educating myself and people around me with the dangers of toxins and have recommended these 5 simple ways to help keep them and their families as safe as possible. I hope it can help you, too.

#1 Food – One of my nutrition school teachers says, “The longer the shelf life, the shorter your life.” It’s time to reduce the intake of processed foods. Read the ingredients and educate yourself on what you are feeding your body and that of your family. Processed foods often include bleaching agents, GMOs and other toxic ingredients. Many of which have already been linked to cancer, type 2 diabetes and more. Also, buy organic foods, especially the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables, which have the highest level of pesticides.

#2 Food Containers & Tools – Choose glass food containers and water bottles to avoid PBDEs, Phthalates and BPA, which have been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and other reproductive issues. Choose stainless steel and cast iron cooking pans to avoid toxins from being absorbed into your food.

#3 Health & Beauty Products – Don’t forget your skin is an organ, too, absorbing everything you put on it. That is why it’s important to buy bathing, grooming and beauty products with the best ingredients, natural and when possible, organic. I highly recommend SheaMoisture for its vast selection and great quality products.

#4 Cleaning Products – I’m newer to this category, but have been experimenting with the Honest Company products and a local favorite, Poofy Organics. Both have a few products that I am hooked on for cleaning the house and washing clothes. You can also look into making your own.

#5 Air We Breathe – Ah…the hardest one. If you live near or in a big city, take occasional trips to the park or road trips to more rural areas to breathe in some fresh, cleaner air.

I hope this information gets you started on a cleaner, safe path to wellness.


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