Sweet Surrender

“To grow may require we be shaken right to our core.” ~ Radhanath Swami

In the past few months, “letting go” has been my greatest lesson as I was confronted with reports of cancer in a family member and two students.

Staring into the eyes of a dear student sharing her deepest fear of dying and not being there to see her son grow up made me realize how helpless I really am. I just listened, holding her hand and giving her all of my attention. I encouraged her to cry and release everything as that is part of the healing process. I didn’t have to say much as her yoga studies empowered her with knowledge and faith.

During my conversation with this student and the others, my mind spoke up “how can I help them?” “how can I save them?” and I quickly silenced that voice as I am just a person like them, not a doctor or God.

What is under my control and yours, is being present to those with pain or suffering around you. Hold their hands as they share with you. Listen to them with all your attention. Hug them with the engagement of your whole heart.  Send them positive energy and dedicate your meditation and yoga practice to them. Surrender to not knowing what will happen, but have faith.

We can all die at any moment, without warning. We can’t control that or much else. We can control how present we are right now and how we think, speak and act.

Let’s not wait to be confronted by death, to realize how blessed we are right now.


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