Slow Down…Dog

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Slow Down...Dog

What is everyone’s rush to get into the most advanced version of each yoga pose? I’m seeing this more and more in my classes… Even first time yoga students are taking an all level class and pushing themselves into binds and other progression poses.  They look around and think they have to compete with others taking the class, not realizing these other students have been practicing for much longer, are much younger or are athletes. They risk injury to prove to themselves that they are just as good, but yoga is not a competitive activity. Like any other situation in life, it is best for your physical, mental and emotional health that you take it slow…I understand that you want to be the best and push yourself, but give yourself this space and time to learn proper form and build the mental strength needed to truly excel in your practice and in life.

Savor your growth in each pose as you would savor each bite of your favorite chocolate dessert or each sip of your favorite glass of wine. As one of my favorite teachers, Jason Nemer, said, “if you move too fast, you will only get to the end more quickly.” What’s the fun in that?


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