MFT: Lorna Jane Sports Bras

For the new year, I’d like to share some of my favorite products in yoga and wellness.

The first one I am featuring is Lorna Jane sports bras. I discovered this awesome brand on my recent trip to California. I found myself at their store in Santa Monica. The store’s atmosphere was really fun and fresh. Right away, I noticed their colorful and shapely sports bras. I have been looking all over for a great sports bra that is cute and functional. Most I have tried either flatten you out or pull on your neck with their thin strips.

Lorna Jane’s sports bras fit perfectly and provide a nice shape. Plus, they have great colors and styles! I have been using them for class and other activities since I got back and am obsessed!

I learned that Lorna Jane is like the Lululemon of Australia. They are promoters of health and wellness and aspire their customers to their personal best by embracing the daily practice of their mantra, Move Nourish Believe.

If you are looking for a great sports bra from a great company, give Lorna Jane a try.


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