5 Best Poses with your Yoga Strap

5 Poses with Funky Yoga Strap

Want to deepen your yoga practice in 2015? Did you know that using a yoga strap can help you more quickly increase your flexibility?

Try these 5 great poses to help you open up your body no matter what level you are at. Start with the easy cow face pose to open the shoulders, twisted lizard to lengthen the front thigh and stretch the back and then end with a 3-part pose that lengthens the hamstring & calf, inner thigh and outer hip.

Need a strap? Look no further. Funky Yoga has the best one! It’s organic and has LOVE YOGA LIFE printed on it. Plus it comes in a few fun colors! Click here for the Funky Yoga Site.

Enjoy the video!


Namaste and Happy New Year!

Brenda 🙂

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