What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalni Yoga

I recently had the opportunity to take a class with a dear friend of mine and amazing Kundalini yoga teacher Felix Gosse of ASJ Wellness. During the summer, he and a coteacher lead an outdoor vinyasa and kundalini combination class in Weehawken, NJ overlooking the NYC Skyline. The class and the surroundings are a perfect marriage of natural beauty and inner healing.

A Kundalini yoga class combines meditation, mantra singing, physical exercises and breathing techniques. It is definitely physically challenging, yet it can be practiced by anyone. In addition to strengthening the health and well-being of the physical body, it is very useful for emotional balance, mental clarity, stress relief, and personal transformation.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Kundalini Teacher Felix Gosse

Each class has a theme like strengthening the immune system, creating prosperity & abundance, strengthening & opening the heart, increasing the flexibility of the spine or disease resistance & strengthening the nervous system.

The word “Kundalini” means awareness. In yogic tradition, Kundalini is the latent spiritual energy within every person that can be awakened by the practice of yoga.

I highly recommend that you try a Kundalini class and experience how amazing it can make you feel.

For more information about ASJ Wellness, visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AsjWellness.


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