5 Reasons to Try Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity Yoga

Last Friday night, I had a chance to try an antigravity class at Cool Hot Yoga, a premier antigravity studio in Cresskill, NJ. Antigravity differs from traditional yoga in that it fuses it with aerial arts through the use of a silk hammock.

Chandelier Pose

Teacher Emyli in her favorite pose called Chandelier!

The amazing and fun teacher, Emyli Ziangos, taught me and my fellow gravity-defying yogis a basic and fun class with poses for strength and flexibility, plus surprisingly attainable acrobatic tricks.

The class was so fun that I have been telling many of my students about it. Here are 5 reasons why you should try antigravity yoga even if you’ve yet to take a traditional yoga class.

1. Feel like a kid again. Within a few minutes of class, we were all swinging on our hammocks and feeling giddy. How long has it been since you felt that child-like feeling?

2. Anyone can do it. Students of every age, body type, and fitness level can take and enjoy this class. Our class included yoga newbies, but that didn’t matter. Antigravity was new to everyone and that helped us become friendlier and supportive of one another.

3. It’s safe. The silk hammock can safely hold up to 1,000 pounds so don’t worry about it holding you up. It can also be adjusted to any height so you will be able to float in class easily no matter what your size.

4. Invert without risk. You can invert without the risk of hurting your neck or back. I had to stop doing headstands because of an old neck injury and this class allowed me to go upside down without putting any pressure on my neck. Plus, there’s no risk of falling.

5. Live out your Cirque du Soleil dream. I’m sure you’ve seen acrobats and wished you were strong enough to do their tricks. This class will show you that you already are. How empowering is that?!

Check out the antigravity yoga offerings in your area and let me know what you think.


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