What’s On Your Yoga Playlist?

Yoga Playlist

Although yoga and meditation can be practiced to the lovely sounds of nature, they can also be enhanced indoors with the sounds of inspiring and soothing spiritual and non-spiritual tunes. Check out my top ten list of albums and artists that are worth a listen.

#10 Shakti Rhythms – This album with various artists provides great songs for an energizing flow. Many of my playlists include the tracks Roots East Dub and 707 Delight.

#9 Garden State, Movie Soundtrack – This album has great songs for your warm up and cool down and includes classics by Cold Play and The Shins.

#8 Yoga Grooves by Soul Food – This album have songs for a slower flow. I especially like the Om song that includes chanting and a saxophone player.

#7 Flying by Garth Stevenson – This instrumental album is lovely for a soothing practice. I especially like the title track.

#6 Grace by Snatum Kaur – Kaur’s heavenly voice is very popular among both hatha and kundalini yogis. You may recognize her song Long Time Sun and Ong Namo. It’s a beautiful album for yoga and meditation.

#5 Radio Retaliation or Culture of Fear by Thievery Corporation – Smooth and energizing songs for a stronger, faster yoga flow.

#4 Elephant Power by MC Yogi – This fun yoga/hip-hop albums makes spiritual music more upbeat and fun.

#3 Heart as Wide as the World ┬áby Krishna Das – Krishna Das is the pop star of yoga devotional music. All of his albums have beautiful heart-singing music. I especially love the track called For Your Love on this album.

#2 Light by Matisyahu – You may recognize Matisyahu’s track One Day, but this album includes even more gems like Silence. Divine…

#1 Om Mantra Japa by Sri Dharma Mittra – My list is topped off by the powerful chanting of my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra. This is an amazing track to listen to for meditation as Om is the most powerful mantra in yoga.

Hope you enjoy some or all of these recommendations.

Let me know if I left out any treasures that you love.


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