Massage Yourself to Better Health with Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy

The science of yoga is closely connected to Ayurveda as its corresponding system for natural medicine. The use of marma pressure points, marma meaning ‘vulnerable’ or ‘sensitive’ zones, is an important part of the Yoga/Ayurveda interface. These points can be used to promote health and longevity for yourself and your whole family.

Marmas are sensitive areas so massage should be done carefully, using mainly the thumb.

A few of my favorite marma therapy techniques are below. For all, use your favorite natural body oil. I like to use a gentle Olive & Green Tea oil from SheaMoisture.

#1 Promote Sleep with Shankha marma
These marma points are on the temples (or temporal bone) of your face. Gently circular massage on these points for about 5 minutes will direct energy to the brain and mind. It is very calming and will promote sleep.

#2 Relieve Stress with Sthapani
This marma point is between the eyebrows, the “third eye point”. Use a strong circular motion here for about 5 minutes to calm the mind and nerves as well as improve your ability to focus.

#3 Strengthen the Immune System with Talahridaya foot marma.
This marma point is in the upper center of the sole in line with the root of the 3rd toe. Apply strong circular motion for about 5 minutes or until the energy in the foot is released. This point is good for strengthening the immune system and releasing negative energy.

#4 Energize with Kshipra hand marma
Located on the webbing between the thumb and index on palm side of your hand. Massage strongly in a circular motion for about 5 minutes to increase energy flow and circulation throughout the body.

#5 Relieve Constipation & Improve Digestion with Nabhi Abhyanga
This abdominal massage relieves multiple marma points in the belly. Start with a generous amount of body oil poured into the navel. Then, use a circular action (always clockwise) around the navel to massage the abdomen for atleast 5 minutes. This technique is proven to relieve constipation, improve digestion, help with IBS (irritiable bowel syndrome) and relieve stress.


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