Spring Cleaning as a Spiritual Practice

Spring is a time for renewal and a great time to practice the yoga principles of non-stealing and non-hoarding.

Whenever we keep something we don’t need, we are hoarding. It’s also stealing because we are keeping that thing from being appreciated or utilized by someone else.

Spring is a great time for us to review our possessions (clothing, shoes, etc.) and donate what we don’t need and someone else could use. This is the easier way to practice non-stealing and non-hoarding.

The more challenging and often more fruitful practice is to review our relationships and determine if we are holding onto a friend or romantic partner for the wrong reasons, like fear or comfort. When we hold onto unhealthy relationships, we are hurting ourselves and them by preventing both from moving on and finding more mutually beneficial relationships.

This spring, treat your life as though it were a computer’s hard drive and delete everything unnecessary to make room for what is truly needed.

Namaste dear friends,

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  • Karina says:

    I love you Brenda, thank you for your precious enlightnment. I am the luckiest girl to be able to learn from you. Your teachings are sacred and through you I understand and feel yoga. I never want to stop learning from you. Your energy is a blessing.

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