My Morning Meditation & Yoga Routine

How you start the day sets the tone for all you do. Try some or all of my morning routine and begin your day calm and centered so that you can truly enjoy and appreciate every moment.

The whole routine is approximately 10-15 minutes. It’s best to do it first thing in the morning in a quiet, uncluttered space.

How to Sit
If it’s comfortable on your knees and hips, sit cross legged on the floor and prop your seat on a pillow so your spine can find more length. If this is terribly uncomfortable, you can sit on a chair, but make sure you are sitting tall. Your hands should rest on either knee with the thumb and index finger on each hand touching and facing up. This hand gesture helps you receive energy. With your chest broad, shoulders relaxed and face softened, close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Breathing Exercise
In your seated position, prepare for Positive Breathing. Breathe through the right nostril only. Using the right hand, assume Vishnu Mudra (fold the index and middle fingers into the palm and extend the thumb, ring finger and pinky) and close the left nostril with the ring finger. Inhale for a count of eight, hold for six and then exhale for eight. For beginners, inhale for a count of four, hold for three, then exhale for four. Only the thumb moves, and heat is generated. Be sure to check that Positive Breathing is done only through the right nostril. This breathing exercise increases positive feelings, improves digestion and generates heat.

Mala Beads
If you have mala beads, set an intention for your concentration exercise. Dedicate the beads to a fruitful, happy day or to someone that needs positive, healing energy. Then roll your beads for atleast one round. For more info on how to use your mala beads, click here for my instructional video.

For your meditation, set a timer for atleast 5 minutes and sit quietly, watching your breath rise and fall and noticing your heartbeat. If your mind drifts into thoughts, notice it and don’t get mad about it. Just bring your attention back to the breathing. In time, this will become easier and you can make the meditation longer if you’d like.

Yoga Movement

  • Neck Release
    In your seated position, slowly gently release your head forward and back 3 times and side to side 3 times. Then complete stretching the neck with a full neck circle in both directions.
  • Energizing Twist
    Place your right hand behind you, fingers facing away and the left hand on the outside of the right thigh. Inhale with a tall long spine and exhale to twist, opening up the belly button, chest, shoulder and then looking over your shoulder. Take 3-5 breaths here and then switch and repeat on the other side.
  • Cat Cows
    Come onto all fours to wake up your spine, your hips and knees in one line and wrists and shoulders in one line. On an inhale, arch your back and look forward. On an exhale, round your spine and release your head. Repeat atleast 5 times.
  • Child Pose
    End in child pose to ground the body and mind for a productive and enjoyable day. Release your toes and sit back towards your heels. Stretching your arms and relaxing your head and neck down. Take a few breaths and set off on your day!



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