Simple Ways To Battle Winter Dry Skin

This winter has been especially brutal with frigid temperatures and low humidity. The naturally dry air coupled with heaters at home, in the car and workplace deplete your skin’s moisture and can cause flaky, itchy dry skin.

How can we fix this?

  1. Check the humidity level at home. It should be between 30 to 40%. This winter, I noticed that I was extra itchy when home. When I purchased a humidifier, it read that the levels were as low as 20% in most rooms. As soon as I started using the humidifier, I felt much better. If you have radiators, you can put a bowl of water over them for a homemade humidifier.
  2. Take warm, not hot showers. I know this is a tough one. I love my long steaming showers, but my skin didn’t. The hot showers were stripping away the skin’s moisture. Try your best to take shorter, lukewarm showers or cool ones, if possible.
  3. Lock in moisture. Right after you shower and pat dry, apply your favorite natural body lotion or body oil to lock in skin’s moisture. Try SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter body lotion, all natural and certified organic.
  4. Drink even more water. As you know, it’s important to drink water. As it gets colder out, we usually fall behind on this habit. Refocus on making sure you are hydrated.

Hope these tips help you stay comfortable in your skin this winter.


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