Loyal Lulu Despite the Backlash

An article about an exLululemon ambassador from Philadelphia was recently sent to me by a dear friend for my opinion. The Philly yogi basically badmouths Lululemon based on the recent see-through pants scandal and unkind words from their former CEO. I’ll tell you what I told him. I respect this yogi’s point of view, but I have my own.

I am a loyal customer and alumni ambassador for Lululemon Athletica not only because of the quality of their products, but also because of their always making me feel part of their loving and supportive community. I know that my transition to a full-time yoga job would have been much harder and lonelier without the support of my local Lululemon. Without their encouragement and goal-setting support, I would not have achieved many of my personal and career goals.

Yes, some of their pants were see-through. My Cuban curves noticed that in the dressing room and I didn’t buy those particular pants. Yes, their CEO has said things I don’t agree with, but that shouldn’t overshadow all the hard work and kindness of the Lulu staff.

Take a read and share your thoughts.

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