7 Simple & Easy New Habits for a Happy New Year

Instead of one big New Year’s resolution, what if you could make a few small changes for a world of difference?

Try these 7 habits for the next 7 days and start the year off healthy, happy and strong!

#1 Drink more water – We all know we should drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Make it easier by buying a large reusable water bottle you can fill first thing in the morning and lunch time to meet your water needs with ease.

#2 Eat more real foods – Processed foods do not provide nutrition for your body.  Add atleast 2-3 real foods to your diet. Real foods are foods with one ingredient foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) These real foods will provide you with the nutrients you need and satiate you so you begin losing the desire for processed foods.

#3 Exercise in moderation – The most popular New Year’s resolution is losing weight so many people hit the gym hard for a week or two and then fall off the wagon. Instead of overdoing your desire to get healthier, start by exercising 3-4 times a week and vary your routine so you don’t get bored. This will help you get stronger slowly and maintain your momentum.

#4 Sleep consciously – Is how you sleep hurting you? Many of my students complain about neck and shoulder pain due to sleeping habits. Be more conscious of how you sleep and adjust your positioning for healthy rest. In time, it will get more comfortable.

#5 Slow down your pace – Notice if you tend to walk quickly without reason and practice slowing down to be more present with your surroundings. If you rush because your often late, start padding your time so you can slow down and avoid the mishaps that happen when we rush.

#6 Replace an hour of tv each day with a more productive habit – How often do we say we don’t have time to do this or that, yet we do have time to watch hours of television.  Instead of watching an hour tv, replace that time each day with something productive for you (i.e. organizing, exercising, writing, etc.)

#7 Surround yourself with people who inspire you – The people we surround ourselves with reflect where we are on our path. If you want to move forward and don’t know how, surround yourself with people that inspire you and watch yourself evolve into your greatest potential.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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