Why Partner Yoga is So Cool

Sometimes being on the yoga mat can make you feel like you are on an island even though you are in a room full of people.

Many of us long for more interpersonal connection since in person interaction was taken over by texts, messaging, emails, etc. Partner yoga can give you the opportunity to connect with someone new or reconnect with someone not so new.

Partner yoga poses range from gentle assisted stretches to supported balancing poses and even fun acrobatics. No matter what the pose, it is required that the students communicate, look each other in the eye and trust each other.

I love adding partner yoga poses in my classes to help build a greater sense of community and encourage friendships among like-minded people.

Here is one simple partner yoga pose you can try with a friend or family member, preferably someone close in height. It will give you a wonderful stretch for the backside of your body.

Partner YogaPartner Yoga Pose for Shoulders, Back and Hamstrings

Step 1: Stand facing your partner

Step 2: Place your hands on the inside of their shoulders. They will place their hands on the inside of your shoulders.

Step 3: Gently step away from each other, about a foot each, hinging from the hips and relaxing the head and neck. If this feels too intense in the back of the legs, add a bend in the knees.

Step 4: Hold and breathe for a few moments. Then, relax.


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