Iceland: A Vacation of Wonder & Wellness

It’s been a few days since my return from Iceland, a trip I was able to scratch off my Bucket List. I wanted to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights, swim in the Blue Lagoon and see Puffins.

Glimpse of the Northern Lights

I saw the amazing Northern Lights on my first night there. Pictures don’t do it justice. I stared in childlike wonder as a green light broke out of the black sky and started to grow, fade and dance across it. The night sky’s magical showing reminded me of how small we are and how vast and amazing our planet and our universe is.

The next day, I visited Iceland’s most famous geothermal spa and one of the wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon. Its unique milky-like water is naturally heated and its silica mud can be applied to your skin for healing. In fact, it’s helped many people with psoriasis. I had a great time lounging around the lagoon. The only bad part was getting out of the water into the freezing cold!

Me & the Friendly Cows

Because of the colder temperatures, the Puffins migrated so I tried to make other new friends. I learned that the Icelandic horse responds to kiss sounds, cows are very friendly and lambs want nothing to do with me.

When I wasn’t trying to make friends with the animals, I toured the amazing waterfalls, geysers and spent lots of time stargazing.

The best thing Iceland offered was peace and quiet. There aren’t many people in the country so the nights were very silent, giving you the opportunity to relax without distraction. I highly recommend it!



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