Zen at Home

Want to create a meditation space in your home, but don’t have a lot of space? Create your zen at home in 4 simple steps:

(1) Find a clean and quiet corner in a room that you can dedicate to your practice.

(2) Use sage or incense to clear the energy in the space.

(3) Cover a small table with a cloth and top it with your choice of candles, crystals, yoga statues or a simple vase with a flower. Yogis may also want to place their mala beads and pictures of your guru or favorite teachers.

(4) Place a small cushion or chair in the space for your practice.

See this example from my student and friend Damarys. She was able to dedicate a small room for her practice.
She covered a table with a blue and gold cloth and topped it with a calming buddha statue, flowers, lotus-shaped candle holder and separate candle. She also set up two separate cushions for her and her family to practice.

Remember, even just 5 minutes of sitting in concentrated silence can improve your health and give your day a calm and centered start.

With loveĀ and gratitude,


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