United We Stand

In honor of September 11, my hope is that everyone in this country regardless of race, religion, etc., take a moment to remember those who involuntarily and voluntarily lost their lives on that fateful day.

The freedom we have in this country to speak our minds and chase our dreams is invaluable and unique. Living in this country is an amazing blessing.

I remember that day and the weeks after how the entire community banded together in its patriotism and support of one another in everyday matters. As the years passed by and world affairs remain volatile, we somehow lost that sense of unity and higher level of thinking.

Many now make heroes of ego-centric celebrities and sports figures, instead of the men and women that fight for our liberties every day. Many of which lose their lives to ensure our continued freedom.

Let us be reminded of the fragility of life and of the many blessings we have been gifted.

May we live with appreciation, compassion and honor for ourselves, for our community and for our country.

Sending my prayers to the families who are honoring their loved ones today.

With love and gratitude,


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