My Date with Dr. Oz

It’s amazing what intention and patience can help you achieve in your life.

A few years ago, I set an intention to share my story of life transformation through yoga on a larger scale to encourage others to try yoga, too. After setting that intention, a few opportunities arose that almost helped me achieve that goal. These failed attempts included a yoga reality show that lost its way when producers asked me and my girlfriend to get pregnant in order to make the show more compelling. Yes, pregnant! Crazy! Needless to say, I didn’t go for that.

Since then, I never forgot my intention, but figured that the right opportunity would come at the right time, and it did. One Friday afternoon, I checked my email and saw one had come through my web site with “Dr. Oz” in the title. The email was supposedly from the show’s producer asking me to quickly respond if I’d like to be featured on the show for a yoga segment. Of course, I thought it was a joke so I did some investigating on the internet to make sure the producer’s information was real and it was…
What an amazing opportunity to share and inspire!

The show was being recorded the next Wednesday and she sent me a list of to-dos, pictures to send and outfit options I had to bring. I even bought heels…that I didn’t know how to walk in! That day was very surreal. I met the other show guests and we all hung out in the green room for about 3 hours, practicing what we were saying and goofing around with each other.

When it was my time, I was brought to the studio and met Dr. Oz, who was very friendly and professional. He gave me the opportunity to share how yoga had greatly transformed my body and so much more. After I shared my story, we all did a tree pose and even chanted with the audience!

I am so grateful to the Dr. Oz show for promoting yoga and for giving me the opportunity to inspire others to try yoga and change their lives for the better.

I hope my experience empowers you to keep your intentions strong. Sometimes, they just need more time to come to fruition.

Brenda 🙂

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