Juice Cleansing Benefits

A juice cleanse is not just a great way to shed a few inches fast, it is also detoxifying and helps you become more disciplined about how you use food.

These days, many people associate juice cleansing with BluePrint or other premade vegetable and fruit cleansing programs, which are tasty, but can be very pricey. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the experience and benefits of a cleanse.

My first cleansing experience was the Master Cleanse (aka the Lemonade Diet). This cleanse is a mix of water, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  It was extremely challenging in the beginning. I was starving and grouchy. At day 5, everything changed.  I lost my constant urge to eat and gained bionic-like senses. My vision was better, my sense of smell was majorly heightened and I felt really light and blissful. I didn’t want to go back to normal eating again.

At the end of that first juice fast, I’d lost 9 pounds. I’m sure some of it was water weight, but there was a very noticeable difference in how my clothes fit. I was also able to remove coffee from my diet completely. Many people use the master cleanse as the start to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

My guru Dharma Mittra recommends another fast that’s much simpler and can be done in just one day. That’s the watermelon fast. Eating only watermelon for one day is cleansing, calming and energizing.

With any cleanse, only engage in light activity. No power or hot yoga that week.




  • adelina sankitts says:

    Am a 45 year old hispanic woman that likes to eat . Am off track n for health reason I havr to get back on track. I will keep you updated with my result. I will consult with my Dr. today beaning that I see her today. I dont think it will be a problem but just using caution. I will definitely keep u posted. Hoping to start it on tuesday.

    • brendablanco says:

      Good luck Adelina 🙂 I am hispanic, too. Giving up bread, other carbs and coffee is usually hard for us because they are a staple in our diet since we are very young. It is well worth it though during the cleanse. You will feel amazing and be delighted by how good you feel and look afterwards. Keep me posted!

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