Family Yoga

I’ve been excited to see the requests for family yoga sessions rising sharply for my private yoga business. Family yoga is a great tool for bonding husband and wife alone or parents with their teenagers or even much younger children.

Family yoga gives you and your family:

  • Dedicated time to spend together without the distraction of phones, television or computers
  • The opportunity to connect with each other in a quality, healthful way
  • Tools for staying calm and centered in your everyday lives

Here are a few of my favorite family yoga poses you can try with yours.
Make sure all electronics are turned off for the few minutes you dedicate to this family time.

Family Slow Breathing 

Have everyone sit comfortably on the floor in a line or in a circle. Your chests should be broad and open, your shoulders relaxed.If in a straight line, hands can rest on either thigh with thumb and index fingers together and palms up.If in a circle,  left hand on your heart and right hand on the back of the person to the right of you.

Close your eyes and practice breathing slowly and silently through your nose for a few minutes.
This a great start for calming the family’s energy.You can end the breathing exercise by chanting OM together or taking hands in prayer and bowing to each other as you say “Namaste” to honor one another.Family Seated Wide-Legged Straddle, Fold and Massage

Upright Straddle: Sit in front of each other in size order, tallest to shortest, with legs wide for a seated straddle. Hold this position for a few breaths.

Fold: From here, you can take a forward fold, reaching your arms towards your toes. Start the movement from the shortest to the tallest. Family members can support each other as they fold forward. Hold for a few breaths and then rise up from tallest to shortest.

Massage Train: In your upright seated straddle position, give a gentle scalp massage to the person in front of you. You can also rub shoulders or neck.
Hope you and your family enjoy these poses and some quiet, fun time together!


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