BB’s Yogi Holiday Gift Guide

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Yoga gifts are given with love and hope of finding greater peace from the outside in (through physical yoga and aroma) or the inside out (through laughter, knowledge or calming).

Here is a countdown of my favorite gift ideas for the yogi in your life.

#6 Aromatherapy Oils – Whether you dab a little lavender oil on your pillow to help you fall asleep, sniff some peppermint oil to wake up or rub lemon oil to relieve itchy skin, aromatherapy oils are a great gift for healing through scent or skin. You can purchase these oils at Whole Foods, GNC, Zen Shop or online at

#5 Inspirational Reads or Films – Sometimes the best gift can be the gift of knowledge. Give a book or dvd of a film that inspired you. I highly recommend the documentary “I am” by Tom Shadyac, on amazon now for $9.

#4 Organic Hair Care & Skin Care – Women will love Shea Moisture’s natural hair strengthening products and both men and women will love their delicious exfoliating soaps, especially the African Black Soap! Shea Moisture is available at Target and Harmons. Put together a unique basket of natural products just for their particular needs. Learn more at

#3 Fun yoga shirts – What better to dress up your Lululemon pants than a fun or inspirational yoga shirt. I’ve been wearing Spiritual Gangster ( for years and definitely recommend checking out their fun tanks. A new kid on the block is IPWN Yoga ( I’m really digging their Stay Golden yoga tank.

#2 Manduka mat – This is my favorite mat to use as a student and teacher. The material is great for sensitive knees and non-slipping. I use the Pro-Lite 71” that comes in a lot of cool colors. It’s available online at and some local sporting goods stores.

#1 Donation – Don’t forget the gift of giving itself. Consider donating to Toys for Tots or your yogi’s favorite charity in their honor.

Brenda 🙂

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