3 Books That Changed My Life

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My journey from stressed out, unhappy and lonely corporate executive to fulfilled and content yoga instructor and healer had some major turning points, many of which were influenced by books.  I had always been a fan of reading growing up so it’s no surprise that many awakening moments came from this medium.

Book #1 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

The first book was given to me by my director in corporate America. At this point, I was a mess at work. I broke down atleast once a week.  This short and simple book gave me easy exercises to practice not reacting to situations I couldn’t control.  The greatest benefits I got from it were a huge reduction in my worrying, no more office breakdowns and no more road rage during my 2 hour commutes.

Book #2 – A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This book is full of so many amazing insights into the mind, ego and what Tolle calls your “painbody”. The painbody is in everyone and is the part of you that actually enjoys and looks for suffering. Ever wonder why you choose to be around negative people or repeat patterns in your life that make you feel bad? How about that voice inside you that criticizes you constantly? Once you can recognize it for what it is, and know it’s not you, you can quiet it and be more present and content. This book inspired me to be much kinder to myself, understand my family members better and remove myself from unhealthy relationships.

Book #3 – The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

This narrative book was entertaining and inspirational. The main character is far from perfect. His narcissism slows down his spiritual awakening. What impacted me most was a moment in the book when as a young, attractive athlete at the top of his game, the main character has a very vivid dream in which he goes into the future and sees where he will be as an old man – lonely, miserable and full of regret –  if he continues his current path. Reading this passage scared me big time… I knew I did not want to look back in my older years with any regret. The only thing standing between me and my happiness was me and it was time to get out of my way.

There have been many other books that I have enjoyed along my current path and I’m sure there will be many more. I hope these books inspire you.


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