Why We Om ॐ

Why we Om

Unless you have studied the history of yoga or are a yoga teacher yourself, you probably don’t know why you chant “om” at the start of class.

The history of yoga tells us that “om” is the vibrational sound of the universe, but in modern day, most people can’t relate to that.

Here’s my take on it. Modern yoga uses the opening “om” as a way to unite the group and relax your mind before your yoga practice, which is a moving meditation. It’s a way to officially put away everything that was worrying you before class so you can focus on your breath and your body for the next hour or so. It also helps you to feel part of the group, the collective energy in the room, so you can feel supported throughout your practice. At the end of the practice, you close with the “om”, to return to your daily routine with a calm, strong and focused mind, body and spirit.

Om on my friends,


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