Prenatal Yoga Dos and Don’ts

Prenatal yoga can help make your pregnancy much more comfortable. Of course, check with your doctor first to make sure this practice is suitable for your particular condition.

If approved, prenatal yoga can keep you fit during pregnancy,  correct or maintain proper posture while carrying baby, reduce back discomfort, strengthen birthing muscles, prevent leg cramps and more…

Because prenatal group yoga classes are harder to find, here are a few yoga dos and don’ts for you if you decide to take a regular group class.

#1 Do get your doctor’s permission.

#2 Do choose a more gentle, slower paced class.

#3 Don’t do any breathing exercises that require breath retention. Simply take a meditation and regular deep breathing during this time.

#4 Don’t OVERSTRETCH. The hormone relaxin, released in pregnancy to loosen your ligaments in preparation for labour, makes your body vulnerable to injury from over-stretching.

#5 Don’t lie on your belly or do any core work.

#6 Don’t twist, jump, take deep backbends, or inversions.

#7 Do practice hip openers, side stretches and standing poses.

#8 Do take your savasana resting pose on your left side with a bolster.

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