Yogi Sleep Aides

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Having trouble getting to sleep or having restless nights?
This is one of the most common issues I hear from clients and friends.

Try one or all of these tips to get a better night sleep today.

Yoga: Try 3 sets of cobra pose before bed.

Take cobra pose by lying on your belly, legs straight, heels and toes touching, forehead down on the mat and hands on either side of your chest with elbows bent and off the mat. Hug your elbows to your sides. On an inhale, press your hands firmly into the floor and begin to lift your chest into a mild backbend. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, press your chest forward and look up. Hold for 3-5 breaths and then release and repeat.

Thai Massage: Try shampoo, the Sanskrit word for scalp massage. Ever wonder why you get to sleepy when your hairdresser shampoos your hair? This is an ancient remedy for relieving headaches and improving sleeping patterns. You can give yourself a scalp massage or enlist the help of a generous friend or partner 😉

Healing: Get an amethyst stone from your local gem shop or yoga-related store (I like Zen Shop at the Riverside mall). They cost about $3. Wash the stone in water and then let it dry in the sunlight to charge it up. Then place the stone under your pillow. This will help you sleep and help prevent nightmares.

Aromatherapy: The scent of lavender helps induce sleep. You can diffuse lavender oil in your room or take a warm bath with lavender.

Warrior Wisdom: Don’t take your worries to bed with you. Live life well and make decisions that won’t cause you sleepless nights. If you follow your heart during the day, you will sleep with ease and peace.


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