Energy Vampires Suck

By November 3, 2011 Blog, La Yoga Vida No Comments

We share our energy throughout the day with coworkers, friends, and family members, but we need to become aware of our energy around them.

Ever hang out with someone and feel completely drained of energy? Sounds like an energy sucker to me. Some people will share your energy frequency and level and keep you light with their balance, contentment or positive energy, while others will feed on that from you.

Some great examples of this are the coworker that constantly complains about their job, friend that is unhappy with her boyfriend or unhealthy family member that wants to lose weight. They ask for your honest advice every day and you give it. They agree with you and then do nothing. Every day, same story. This will suck your energy. Keep your time with these energy vamps short or just stick to other topics. You don’t want to end up going vamp, too 😉


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