Do Meditate and Drive

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Ever take a routine drive, arrive and then realize you don’t remember how you got there? You were on autopilot, off in your thoughts the entire drive. This is dangerous for you and other drivers.

Meditation is a great tool for helping you drive more safely. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about escaping, it’s about being present. While driving, you can focus on your senses for meditation help. You can first focus on your breath, taking deep breaths in and out through your nose. Start with 6 seconds in and out and then increase to 8, 10 and 12. A second technique is to really become aware of your surroundings, see the road, the cars, the sky, the trees around you. So many times, we are on autopilot and miss the beauty around us on a simple drive. Third is noticing your body, really feeling the steering wheel in your grip, your feet placement, your body position (great time to practice sitting with a straight spine;)

Try these techniques and see which one works best for you. You will notice that you will become a more calm, present and safe driver.


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