Big Risk for Big Rewards

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Many of us have or will fall upon a time when we feel lost or at a crossroads. I invite you to look upon this time as an opportunity instead of a curse.

This is the time to take a risk for happiness, whatever that means for you. It could be a major change in career, relationship, or geography or a small fun change like taking time to learn an instrument, take an improv class or learn a new language, whatever will make your heart sing.

For me, the big risk was leaving my secure six-figure job to become a full time yoga teacher and healer. After years of being unhappy, I made the leap. The lifestyle is physically and financially challenging, but it is also amazingly fulfilling. I’d always dreamed of a life of helping and inspiring others and now that is my every day. What is your heart’s desire?

Your happiness is the biggest reward possible. Isn’t it worth the risk? It’s time to stop distracting yourself with television, alcohol, food and other mindnumbing practices and ask yourself “what does happiness mean to me?” The last thing we want to do is look back on our lives with regret. Isn’t it better to look back and say we pursued happiness with action, not just words? Sometimes, we will succeed and sometimes we will fail, but we will always have peace in our efforts.

Namaste Yogis 😉


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