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My Gluten-Free Challenge

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“Let your food be your medicine.” Hippocrates

I’m sure you have been hearing the term “gluten-free” more than ever lately. You may or may not know that gluten is wheat, an ingredient that is in more of our foods that you can imagine.

After a recent bout with feeling extra tired, extra hungry and unusually bloated, I decided to take a look at my diet and determine what may be causing it. After some research, especially reading excerpts from Dr. Davis’s best seller “Wheat Belly,” I decided to challenge myself with a gluten-free diet for 3 weeks. Yes, this girl who grew up eating Cuban bread daily was going to give up wheat…luckily I learned that didn’t mean giving up bread altogether.

According to Dr. Davis, wheat’s effects range from increase appetite and belly bloat to celiac disease and neurological disorders. And two different clients (man and woman) mentioned that they were gluten-free and had lost a considerable amount of weight, had gained a lot of energy and were sleeping better. That was enough for me to give it a try.

So, here we are 3 weeks later. Going out to eat was definitely a challenge since most places don’t offer gluten-free bread or wraps. And did you know soy sauce has gluten…? Luckily, you can still eat rice, potatoes and corn products. Plus, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have a lot of gluten-free products that happen to taste really great, too. Many of which are also dairy-free.

As for the results, my belly bloat is gone. I’m less tired and definitely feel less hungry throughout the day. I also lost 2 pounds. That’s enough benefit for me to maintain the change in my everyday diet.

You may or may not want to try it, but I wanted to give you some food for thought 😉


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Meditation 101

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One of the most common questions I get from students is “How do you meditate?”  There is a lot of misconception about what meditation is. Often, people think meditation has something to do with being enlightened or going off to a magical place in your mind…

Plain and simple. Meditation is about being present. Here. Now. It’s the practice of sitting still and being in the present moment. It’s challenging because your monkey mind wants to race about, worrying about what happened yesterday and what we have to do later. The more you can practice quieting your mind, the happier and healthier your mind and body will be.

I know that can sound daunting so here are a few simple meditation techniques you can try.

For all of these, start out slow, put a 2-minute or 5-minute timer on your phone and work your way up to 10 to 15 minutes after weeks or months of practice. It’s best to practice first thing in the morning, but anytime is better than none.

Method 1: Following your breath

There is nothing more present than your breath. You can’t breath in the past or future, only now J

Step  1. Sit in a comfortable seated position with your back straight, chest open, hands rested on either knee.
Step  2. Begin to take deep inhales in and out through your nose.
Step  3. Watch your breath rise and fall.

Method 2: Feeling Breath and Heartbeat

Step  1. Sit in a comfortable seated position with your back straight, chest open, left hand over your heart center and right hand over your belly.
Step  2. Begin to take deep inhales in and out through your nose.
Step  3. Feel your breath rise and fall.
Step  4. Feel for your heartbeat.

Method 3: Candle Light Gaze
Best method if you are more visual.

Step 1. Place a candle 3 feet in front of you, at eye level.
Step 2. Concentrate your gaze on the flame, capture the image, then close your eyes.
Step 3. Clearly see the candle image in your mind with eyes closed.
Step 4. When the image fades from your mind, open your eyes again and repeat.

Remember the secret to meditation, is the secret to perfecting any skill. Practice. Practice. Practice.
If your mind runs amok during your first few trys, it’s ok. It will get easier. You will train the monkey mind in time.

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Simple Yoga Tips for Back Care

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Yoga is a great tool for relieving and preventing backache. Here are a few yogic tips to help you get that pain out of your back.

Best yoga pose for backache –
Legs up against the wall

Step 1. Sit next to a wall with the side of your body on the wall and your knees bent into the chest.
Step 2. Bring the lower back onto the floor while bringing the legs up the wall. Keep the upper body supported with the elbows on the floor.
Step 3. Slowly release the elbows and lower the whole back down to the floor.
Step 4. If you are comfortable, stay here several minutes.
Step 5. To come out, bring the knees into your chest and roll to your side.

This pose also treats insomnia, eases tired or swollen legs and calms the mind.

Best prop for backache – The Bolster

Bolsters are long, cylinder or rectangular shaped pillows often available at yoga studios for use and available online and in a few local stores for purchase.

Step 1. Sit with your tailbone up again the edge of the bolster. Your buttocks is on the ground.
Step 2. Lie back and relax.

Best off the mat tips

1. Adjust your office chair to make sure your hips are higher than your knees, avoiding lower back strain.

2. If all else fails, take an Epsom Salt bath…relieving all your strained muscles and giving yourself some well-deserved “you’ time.



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